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Creating Space Within

“Shine like the universe is yours.”


For many of us around the world, these days are when we are facing challenges related to ‘space’. We are all quarantined, and may find that our house or apartment is overcrowded. You may keep running into your partner or children throughout the day. Parents work from home, students are homeschooled, babies are still at home but the sitter or nanny is no longer coming. We may be craving a space of our own, for work, for working out, for a peaceful escape. For others, space is a challenge because they are quarantined, but by themselves, and their space may seem to get smaller every day as if the walls are closing in. They want to be out, engaged in the usual routine, but they are inside. They crave a change of scenery but are homebound. This article addresses these space-related challenges that much of the world has been abruptly thrown into, and offers approaches for relief.

One renown and powerful ancient teaching from the Emerald Tablets offers insight into managing challenges of space. It can even guide us through a host of problems known to confront mankind. The teaching: As above, so below, as within, so without. (coincidentally included in me and my husband’s marriage vows). According to this universal law, everything in the macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm. Everything we hold within, we see without. Anything we have in our subconscious, rules our conscious mind, and brings us life experiences that match those subconscious beliefs and thoughts. Anything we have in our energy space, we have in our life.

This universal law is not only philosophical, but offers great practical value. Anything we want to change in our life, we must first address change from inside. Anything we want to create outside, starts from creating that inside. It is simple and  absolutely effective.

Currently, due to the pandemic and corresponding sheltering orders, our relationship to space is compromised. We feel space is too limited. How can we change that? Nothing we do will remove inhabitants from our house, or add additional square feet.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that we cannot change the outer reality, on which we have no control. What we can only change is our perception of things. We cannot ask God to change something or to give us something. Yet, we can ask God, to help us change our perception on something. That’s not much to ask from God, right? Changing our perception of something? When our perception of outer reality changes, our inner reality changes, and concurrently, when our inner reality changes, so does our outer reality. They are directly correlated! The Course, calls this change a ‘miracle’. I call it, following the ancient Hermetic teachings, ‘as within, so without’. When we change, the world changes! 

Coming back to our space conundrum, the formula is obvious now. The more space we create inside, the more space we experience in life. According to the Course, we are free to ask for a change in our perception of space. This would might be worded: I surrender my perception of inner space. I seek to experience inner space differently.

We can also make use of another universal law: the law of attraction. The law of attraction tells us that what we put our attention on persists and grows bigger and we attract more of that into our lives. This formula works by changing our focus. So we need to switch our focus from where we experience constricted space to areas of our life where we actually feel vast and spacious. We need to deliberately work on finding those areas and give our full intentional attention to them. You need to do your homework here and work on it. Come up with a few things – at least one- to focus your attention on. Once you find something, start thinking about it. Increase its impact by the power of gratitude. Here is a practical example: I am grateful that I have my own private space and time while I am taking a shower. I can think, talk to myself, sing, dance, do what I want here right now in the shower. This space is all mine. Another example: I am grateful that nobody sits in my favorite chair. I will bring a small table next to it. I am putting my favorite books and my favorite mug for tea here. I will put a compass near the books, as a reminder of my passion for travelling. And something in blue, my favorite color. Voilà, this is my space, and I love it! It reflects me who I am. It is tidy and full of personality. I have so much space to do what I want, and it  also reflects who I am.

When we find ourselves overwhelmed with the noise and chaos at home, we can use the same formulas. We can ask for help to perceive things differently. And we can switch our attention from turmoil and chaos to harmony and peace. Where do we have peace or harmonious relationships in our lives? Maybe it is with our pet(s), maybe with a niece we get to facetime with once in a while. Find it, focus on it, and importantly—feel it. Feelings are crucial, as most gurus on the law of attraction and manifestation will admonish us. The reason for that goes full circle back to where I began this post, “as within, so without.” What you feel inside, will show up outside. If you are not feeling, you are just chilling and not really changing anything.

My favorite way to change things inside (and in this case, to create space inside so that I experience spaciousness in life) is  meditation. It is the go-to tool for me to create any environment I want to experience within me. I absolutely know that, when I create the feeling of having space within me, I will feel spacious in my life as well. Creating it inside me (as within), will make me manifest it in my life (so without), while changing my perception on it (The Course).

Therefore, I created guided meditations to create space within, and so without. I am posting them on my YouTube channel under the name: Creating Space Meditation. Click on the YouTube button at the bottom of the page.

What if I feel overwhelmed by lack of space now, and I really don’t have any space to meditate?! There is a psychic tool, which I like to use: Going to the space in the center of head. I don’t need to find a quiet space. All I need is to close my eyes.  When I close my eyes, I have access to as much space as I need. I feel myself in the center of my head. I feel peaceful and quiet there. I expand that space. I have super large space in the center of my head. I breathe into this space and out. This space can be anywhere I would love to be. It can be a whimsical forest, or a large garden or roses. It can be peaceful seaside or a planet of my own in outer space. Any place I feel peaceful and safe. That space belongs to me only.

The center of head is a well-known psychic tool which helps us anywhere and anytime to access a space of stillness and peace. It can make us calmer at times of anxiety. It is a very useful tool, which I use a few times a day. During the day, I like to stop what I am doing and thinking, close my eyes and go to this space of stillness and peace, if only for a few seconds. In addition, I go to the space in the center of my head always before I start any meditation. I do meditation from this space.

So go ahead now, and go to this space of inner peace. When you are there, you can do the guided meditations about creating space. You can also surrender your will to find inner peace, to think differently about space. And start putting your attention on what makes you feel most spacious, harmonious and peaceful. Feel the gratitude while you think about them. All these tools have been proven to work from ancient times to today. Secret societies of the ancient world used these as well as people from the eastern and shamanistic traditions. They work because that is how the universe works. As within, so without, as above, so below.

P.S. There are two guided meditations for creating space inside. For your first time, I suggest that you do the long version. It will clear out any negative energy within you. This will enable creating peace within more easily. For other times, go ahead and do the shorter version. You can always go to the longer version when you feel like it.

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