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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Welcome to my blog, I am thrilled to connect with you here. Each week I will write about topics and concepts that enrich our everyday lives with more joy. I will also occasionally delve deeper, sharing practical methods of actualizing a more purposeful and meaningful life.

But first allow me to zoom out. By way of an introduction, I am a professor of anthropology. I teach anthropology at a university, and I regularly lecture large classes in an auditorium setting. I am confident with the material—as I have dedicated a lifetime of research and contemplation to it. I am comfortable in that setting because, I take teaching seriously, I prepare well for each class and there is an immediacy in a ‘live’ setting. While lecturing, I am fully living my purpose, sharing my knowledge, experience and passion for the discipline with my students. I especially relish the magic of that connection, of those moments of mutual sharing as a function of the learning process. I feel grateful for the opportunity to share what I love and know via teaching.

Alternately, with social media and blogging, I am much more out of my comfort zone. These practices are newer to me so the learning curve is part of the process with this type of engagement. I must put aside concerns about the details and effectiveness of online posts and remind myself that I am an intuitive healer who is expert at identifying and rooting out negative thoughts and pictures. I am invested in an awareness of my feelings and thoughts, and I readily choose positive and supportive ones. Support does not always originate externally from others, but initially from within. With that in mind, I remain gentle and supportive of myself. My self-talk begins with phrases such as, “Luna, you are doing great. You are taking action and advocating for more light and love in the world. Sharing love and light is fantastic…something to be proud of!! You go girl!” The genesis of sharing love is living love and to that end self-love is absolutely essential. As an unapologetic Virgo, I am here to learn about self-love. Practicing kindness with myself, and being appreciative of my efforts to get out of my comfort zone in the name of light and love are wonderful manifestations of self-love.

So, blogging is an endeavor outside of my comfort zone. The inner voice of fear tells me: ‘you don’t have to write and publish anything, why are you subjecting yourself to this?’ That is the voice of the ego and fear. With time and effort, I’ve developed the discipline to suspend, then ignore that voice. Specific intentions support this discipline. One over-arching intention I’ve embraced for my life is, I will listen to my heart and take actions in harmony with my heart space. There is no fear in the heart space. Alternately, the comfort zone is the realm of the ego. It is a structure of delusionary security built by blocks of fear. Obviously it is not comfortable for one to get out of their comfort zone. Yet, that’s the path of growth. I have another intention for myself for ongoing growth. I intend to grow spiritually, which is not a path of comfort either, but I have accepted the challenge!

But, if you are reading these words, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Now you…what can you do this week, today, or now to get out of your comfort zone? Examples might be: wake up 15 minutes earlier every day to meditate? Start making green juices for healthier nutrition? Stop whining about your life and take action to change it? Start a daily work-out routine? Become a better listener? What can you do right now? There is always something. So, if you also desire growth, GET OUT!

I am invigorated to connect with new people. I am overjoyed that you have read this far and joined me here at the foundation of a new friendship between two light workers. Check back here or on Instagram (joyoflifethebook). And, don’t forget to get your free meditation recording – click on the link at the top of the page. That mediation alone is enough to engender permanent life changes! As within, so without.

With deliberate intention,


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