Luna Göknar

Dr. Luna M. Göknar is a cultural anthropologist, published author and intuitive healer. She has a Ph.D. degree in Social Anthropology from The University of Cambridge. She is certified as an intuitive healer and intuitive healing teacher by the School of Intuitive Greater Healing (SIGH) in Los Angeles. Her book, Ac​hieving Procreation, based on field research on infertility and reproductive technologies, was published by Berghahn Books in 2015. 

 She currently teaches anthropology and gender classes.


Luna Göknar is presently completing a self-transformational non-fiction book entitled Yes to Joy , as well as a fiction book for children (coming out VERY soon).


She conducts Yes to Joy workshops in Los Angeles, California (as well as telephonic classes) as part of her dedicated effort to teach methodologies

that expand the experience of joy in peoples’ lives.


Luna began studying and practicing Universal Energy Healing (UEH - similar to the practice of Reiki) from established practitioners 25 years ago. UEH involves channeling energy through the hands for healing. For her MA degree in Anthropology, she researched indigenous healing practices in Sri Lanka. She worked with Buddhist monk healers, Ayurvedic practitioners, as well as with healers whose craft had been inherited through several generations. She travelled to remote parts of the country to learn ethnomedical practices with herbs and mantras from healers in the depths of jungles as well as from monks living in mountain temples. She has continually researched and expanded her knowledge of healing modalities in practicing and evolving her healing skills.

She maintains that whatever one desires to manifest in life, ranging from good health to abundance and success, begins with healing one’s individual energy space. Through her healing practice, she helps people develop their intuitive skills, and implements systems that allow them to abandon blockages and negativity, connect to their higher selves, uncover and actualize latent passions, and resolve enduring personal conflicts.


Information regarding energy reading and healing sessions with Luna, as well as psychic tools & other workshops can be found here:

Intuitive Healing & Offerings

Luna Göknar lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband,

two children, and their adorable kitty, Popsicle.

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