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In this program - among many others- you will learn how to:


  • Tap into your intuition.  


  • Hear your inner voice and allow yourself to act on it. 


  • Heal from past issues or experiences.


  • Protect your energetic space and how to release others from your energetic space. 


  • Set energetic boundaries. So you can “give” without giving your self away. 


  • Be aware of what energy is yours within your aura, versus what isn't. 


  • How to release other people’s energy from your space and from other people’s space. 


At the end of the program you will be certified as an Intuitive Healing Practitioner. You will be able to facilitate healing on your self, others, and also to intuitively (psychically) read energy.


This program includes reading & healing others weekly.

The programs will be announced on the EVENTS​ page as they become available.

If you are interested contact:

Examples of Lectures:

  • Reading the aura (present, past & future)

  • Exploring the chakras

  • Reading past lives & how they affect you

  • Cutting energy cords & healing communication related issues

  • Speaking to beings & spirit guides and how to have them help you

  • Repairing holes in the aura

  • How to de-energize life experiences that keep you stuck

  • Forgiveness 

  • Clear or heal past life karma

  • Access the Akashic records

  • Out of body healing

  • Deprogramming yourself

  • Long distance healings

  • Protecting yourself

  • Reading people

  • Hear spirits when desired

  • Learn to heal & read without picking up other people’s energies

  • Enthusiasm, amusement, and effortlessness: how to set the crown chakra. (The importance of each as a spiritual vibration for growth and freedom.)

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