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Intuitive Healing is energy work. Intuitive reading involves using the intuitive muscle to recognize information in yourself or in another. Healing is realized by working with that information in the energy space. Intuitive healing reading does not aim to fix, but rather to work with the client so that she/he recognizes what the issues are. The clients are an essential part of the healing process. This does not imply that they need to do anything during the session. As they release fear, anxiety, doubts, beliefs and thoughts not serving their highest good, their energy space becomes more clear. Their energy space holds more of their own energy as other people’s energy is cleared out. Clients are able to identify the reasons for the present situation. They take control of their lives as they get their empowered energy back. The clients are replenished with their own life force energy.

Do you

seek to accelerate your spiritual growth?

develop your intuition?

heal past-life karma?

want to clear and align your chakras?

clear blocks on your way to manifesting your ideal life?

seek more joy in life? More meaning or purpose?

want to eliminate repeating negative patterns such as recurrent relationship or work challenges?

want to have a deeper connection to your higher self? To spirit guides? To angels?

want to clear home or work space from low energy?

If any of these resonate with you, you've made the right decision by booking an intuitive healing reading session with me. All intuitive reading and healing sessions take place via telephone. I will call you at our scheduled appointment date and time.

You can go to the book an appointment page to book a session.

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