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This workshop is designed to help you embrace your artist side and give it space to blossom and flourish.
Each one of us is an artist. We do not have to be born with Mozart-like exceptional gifts to consider ourselves as artists. We all have the skills to connect to inspiration and to create beauty.
This class will open up your artist side, by teaching you how to tap into your intuition.
Every one of us has intuitive ability. All we need is to learn how to use it.
You will learn to use your five senses with the help of your sixth sense.
You will create art which you will take home proudly as well as plenty of new skills from learning the ancient art of marbling to the method of meditative creating.

The workshops will be announced on the EVENTS​ page as they become available.

It is 3 hours and will take place in a location in Los Angeles, California- Total: $177

If you are interested: Contact:


Intuititive Art Workshop

In this workshop you will learn:

  • A meditation method to clear blockages in your creativity

  • A meditation method to tap into your intuitive space and to improve your intuitive ability

  • Skills to create something of beauty depending wholly on your intuition.

  • How to write from intuition.

  • How to use your each one of your five senses with your intuition.

  • Skills to be a confident art-creator, whether it is dancing, writing, painting, or else.

  • The ancient art of marbling and how to use it to create beauty.

You will also:

  • Go through an intuitive healing process to clear false beliefs and thought patterns in your subconscious about ‘being an artist’, ‘being creative’, ‘being enough’, ‘being talented’ and ‘being intuitive’.

You will take home:

  • Marbled beautiful coasters which you created.

  • Your artistic creative abilities.

  • Your improved intuition

  • Your enthusiasm to create art, being you.

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