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Mysteries of After-life: Reincarnation, Talking to Dead People, Soul Ascension…

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

We are all infinite souls in finite bodies. We’ve incarnated on this planet (and most possibly elsewhere) for many lifetimes. Our soul, the ever-living energy body, carries information from all of our previous incarnations (For the sake of an easier comprehension, I am using a one-dimensional time conceptualization here.) Energy never dies. Our energy body never dies.

Our physical body is a vessel (I like to see it as a temple for the soul) for our energy body’s current incarnation so that our energy body has a chance to evolve, to grow and to build more light. Once the energy body builds enough light, it grows spiritually to the extent that it is fully aware of Oneness at all times. In Eastern philosophy, this is known as enlightenment. In Western philosophy, this is known as ascension. It is being One with the Source of Everything. It is going Home.

Before each incarnation, our soul decides (with helpers) what is best for its spiritual growth. Depending on that decision, the family, the environment, the situations are picked. Furthermore, agreements are made with other souls for the experiences we decided to go through. Some of these experiences are far from anything anyone would like to experience once they are in a body. For example, a person who decides to learn forgiveness will experience a series of betrayals or will undergo an almost unforgivable situation. If there is a major betrayal, the person who will betray will agree to do that before the incarnation. That soul also needs to grow through such an experience. The two people are born, go through their lives, and then the betrayal happens between the two of them. They had both agreed to do that. Awareness of these soul contracts bring a whole new perspective to the life we live. Another example: One soul may choose to be born sick or disabled, and another soul chooses to be born as the mother of a baby born sick or disabled. They agree. And through their experiences, they grow in many ways enhancing qualities such as empathy and strength.

Where does karma fall in this picture? Karma, firstly, is not punishment. As I’ve explained, a sick person is not born like that because of paying karma. However, it might still be related to karma. Not as punishment, but as choosing to balance or clear karma. Karma, is none other than, all the information we carry in our aura, part of our energy body which we bring with our each incarnation. What is that information? Everything we do to ourselves and to others is stored in that energy body. So, if you harm someone (or yourself!), you carry that information in your karma. How do you carry that information? As energy of course. Everything, from our thoughts to our bodies is energy. Everything is stored in the energy body, the aura. And what we carry in the aura influences our current lives. It impacts how we feel about ourselves, about others, about life. It impacts how we behave. It impacts how we respond to situations. It influences the ways in which we work, we succeed, we fail, we care, we understand, we study, we believe… It influences the people we choose to date and to work with. It impacts how we treat our bodies. It certainly impacts our self-worth and so the abundance we enjoy in life. The information in our aura can be a source of healthy fit lifestyle or a miserable, addicted, sick lifestyle. It can be a source for strength or blockage. This is mainly why, I teach reading and healing past lives in the intuitive healing program. Often, the source of our challenges lies in the energy we bring from past lives. We must go to the source for creating a profound change.

When we pass on, our physical body dies. It goes back to the earth where it came from. Our soul/ energy body? It also goes back to where it came from. It cannot die. So, where does it go?

There is a lot to say about the afterlife, more than fit for a blog post. Suffice it to say here is that initially the soul goes through a process of healing and reviewing the physical life it just completed. It sees if it did what it incarnated for. Perhaps it incarnated in order to learn forgiveness, but it didn’t fulfill its purpose, and instead lived a life of resentment and revenge. There is no punishment to pay for that – except that it will need to reincarnate for the same reason and undergo similar challenges. In that state, there is no frustration or sadness or regret. Because the after-life state is a state of pure love. Think of it as swimming in a sea of love and compassion. You are loved, wanted, cared for. You are perfect in every way. You are worth everything. You are love.

So, when a soul passes on, it goes to this state of perfect love and peace. It does not go to a dark sober place. It does not go to fire. It is not shown its mistakes and made regretful. It is not despised for its wrongdoings. It is accepted as it is and loved as it is. Not despite its mistakes. With its mistakes. No judgment. Just unconditional love. It is not something to be feel sad for. It is something to be happy about.

When somebody passes on, it is a sad time for the remaining souls still in the physical plane of course. It is a time for grief. But the grief is for our loss. It is not for the soul who departed.

When the soul passes on, can they come and talk to us? Can we communicate with them? Are there in a distant place to which we do not have any access? Or are they accessible?

Yes, we can communicate with them. The departed soul can focus its energy on our dimension to communicate with us. It is up to us to sense it. The departed soul’s energy vibrates at a higher frequency than the frequency of our body. To be able to sense their energy, we should bring our frequency up, and they (departed souls) down, so that we meet at a medium spot. Hence the name medium for people who can communicate with the departed souls. This is not impossible, and it is accomplished by countless mediums all over the globe at any moment.

There are people who have doubts about communicating with departed souls. I am not here to convince anyone on anything. We are all at different spots at our spiritual paths. We receive what we can receive at any moment. The people we meet, the books that show up in our lives, and the information we are exposed to all depend on what we are ready to receive. Having said that, I do believe that, since you are reading this blog post article and you’ve come this far, you are ready to receive to this information and possibly to dig further.

Mediums have offered their services to criminal investigators and there are myriad examples of this such as a medium communicating the soul of a person and learning exactly where a body is buried and the police finding the body right there where the medium described. Many times, real suspects have been found and the tools of crime have been discovered thanks to the services of the mediums.

However, mediumship is not only for investigative purposes. It is mostly for healing. There is nothing more healing than communicating with a loved one who passed on. It is a meeting of soul to soul. Pure. Nothing attached. The joy of communicating with the departed loved one has healing effects for which I cannot find words to describe.

Departed souls can also offer us guidance, for they have a non-judgmental expansive perception. Often, we are attached to outcomes. We want to date that boy, we want to get that job, we want to accomplish that project, we want to have that property. Departed souls can provide us the knowledge of what is best for our highest good.

Mediumship can be inspiring beyond our imagination. I will give a example from my life. A friend of mine who is an accomplished medium was reading my energy space. Since she is a medium, she can hear the view of the spirit with ease. She heard the spirit say about me: “She is writing a book. But she has another idea for a book, a fiction book. If she pursues that idea and writes that book, she will have great success. She will channel from the Spirit” I was blown away! I really was writing a non-fiction book on joy, and I had this faint idea for writing a spiritual-fantasy book for kids. Three months into this encounter, I remembered the encouragement from the Spirit. I have an intention for detachment to outcomes, so I acted in alignment with my intention. I was not going to be attached to the book I was currently writing. I loved the book, and so I did what real love was about. I set it free of my attachment to it. I said “this is perhaps not the perfect time for you to be born.” And I opened up a blank Word document to write the fiction book. I had no ideas. I had no plot. I let my fingers type. Oh boy, the Spirit knew what I was to write! I wrote two chapters. I’d love to say now “and the rest is history.” Not yet, but I will. I am working on the revision of the book now. There is more to this story. When I finished the first draft of the book, I knew, I had more to write. It was going to be a trilogy. So I went on and wrote the first draft of the second book. I met my medium friend while I was working on the second book. She heard the Spirit say “she is writing a series. That is great, that is what’s meant to be.” I am so humbled by this experience.

Are we born a medium? Can anyone be a medium? I want to say ‘yes’ to the second question. That’s what I believe. I believe we can all tap into our mediumship -just as we can all tap into our intuition. We need to learn how to do it. We need to open our mediumship. We need to learn how to raise our vibration, how to sense the spirit, how to share the information we hear (or see/feel), and how to do it all while protecting our energy space.

Are the departed souls we communicate with harmful? No. They are not. We are only communicating with the energy of those souls which is temporarily focused on our dimension. They cannot keep their energy in our dimension too long, and all we can do is to use that time to the best of our ability to sense their energy and to talk to them.

Then why do we need to protect our energy space? We always need to! I am horrified by the fact that this essential knowledge and skill are not taught to our kids at schools. Energy is everything. That’s all we have and that’s all we will ever have. We must know how to protect our energy space. We must know how to clear away other people’s energies. We must know how to release any energy that does not serve our highest good. And we have to protect our energy space at all times when we are around any soul – in a body or not. The souls of loved ones won’t harm us. There are other beings which can be toxic to our energy. So, our energy space must be protected – at all times.

In this blog article, I did my best to answer questions common about death, afterlife and reincarnation. I believe you should not take any of this as your truth. Because we mustn’t take

somebody else’s truth as our truth – never. Just take in what your heart takes in as you go. Your heart knows what is best for your highest good. If you have questions in this topic, you can ask me at the short course I am giving on mediumship. I am sorry for not answering individual emails about this topic. I dedicate a very long-time answering emails, for I care about them. These days my priorities in life (such as focusing on my family, book, healing sessions and courses) do not allow time for answering emails.

If the days/times of the course do not work for you, let me know what works best for you because I am going to start another course soon and I’d love to consider what time works for most people.

As above, so below

As within, so without

All One.


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