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Yes-to-Joy Workshops

For all of us, we have a major intention to incarnate in this lifetime:

Being Joy.

This workshop will teach us tools to ‘make joy’. We will learn the difference between ‘finding joy’ and ‘making joy’. We will learn to take full control of our lives in terms of manifesting a life of joy.

You will do plenty of exercises to develop life-transforming practices which you can take home to incorporate in your daily life. You will learn meditations to clear your blocks, to develop your intuition and to manifest your heart’s desires.

The workshops will be announced on the EVENTS​ page as they become available.

If you are interested contact:

When you complete this workshop you will know what it takes to manifest a deeply purposeful meaningful life of joy.


In this workshop you will learn:

The magic of intention-setting

Difference between having or finding joy and making joy

How to make joy

Three steps to more joy in daily life

Exercises to change neural pathways in our brain for positive thinking

Psychic tools to release worry and fear

The way of surrendering

One ancient wisdom which is the secret to anything we want to manifest in life including joy

How to incorporate the ancient wisdom to manifesting joy

Life transforming grounding and replenishing meditation

Meditation for effortless manifestation

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