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Chakras…A Deeper Exploration

If you Google “chakra”, you will instantly learn that in Sanskrit it literally means “wheel.” But the word is used to describe various energy centers in the body. You probably know that the 7 most well-known chakras are located on the spine, the highest at the top of the head, and the lowest at the base of the spine. Which is the most famous of the seven? Yes, it is the sixth chakra, commonly known as the third eye. What more is to know? A ton. For instance, you may be unaware that there are thousands of chakras in the body!

Imagine you come across a door with seven locks. And you are given seven keys, one for each lock. You learn that each key, as it unlocks its particular lock will offer you a benefit. The lowest key is a portal to the high vibration energy dimension. As it unlocks, it allows energy to move in freely, which grounds you the planet. It makes you feel you are part of something bigger, including a purpose to be here on earth. It helps you release excess negative energy. It also helps you physically eliminate excess from your body. Knowing these benefits, would you proceed to unlock the first lock?

How about the second lock? You learn that this will allow the energy of emotions to flow easily, as you unlock it. You will be more aware of your emotions, and so will more likely have the chance to accept, heal and move on. Nice? There is more. You will be open to the easy flow of creative energys, will express yourself in creative ways with effortless ease. There is even more. You will actually enjoy life more. You will want to start a new hobby, chill out with friends, and so on. You will want to enjoy your life more, and will enjoy what you are doing more. And, that includes sex. Your sexual desires and the joy you feel during sex will be enhanced as well. Now, do you want to unlock that lock?

You get the idea, I am not going to cover the benefits of open aligned chakras for all seven of them here. These are energy centers in your body, which itself is a hundred per cent energy anyway. You can visualize chakras as wheels, or little balls of energy spinning, and directing energy to you, inside you and from you. If they are not functioning well, a part of your body is not receiving enough vital energy flow. If that is your sacral chakra which is the second chakra described in the example above, you will lack life energy, enthusiasm. You will be lethargic. You will perhaps feel you do not deserve to enjoy life. Your life will get duller by the minute. And, you will start having physical problems in your sexual and reproductive organs, and even perhaps in your digestive organs. Because once energy stops, the physical body is also negatively impacted.

Inevitably the following questions arise: How to unlock those locks, or open those chakras? How to keep these open? How do we align them? What is aligning a chakra anyway?

I will share my perception of chakras and how to work with them based on that perception.

Chakras as we know, are part of the Sanskrit tradition. They are first described in the Upanishads, the last portion of the Vedas, ancient sacred texts of Hinduism.

Yet, they do not only belong to the Sanskrit tradition. In other cultures, these energy centers were recognized with different names. In Kabbalah these energy centers are called sefirot. There are 10 sefirot, which are placed on what is called Tree of Life, a cosmic energy map of the human body. The sefirot are also believed to be our connections to archangels. Many believe that angels are omnipresent, and they are for that reason, in our bodies as well. So when you want to communicate with an angel, you are not waiting for a winged divine being to hear you from somewhere very far, schedule your call, and stop by at the first chance. A part of their energy is already inside you (and that goes to Oneness, again, a separate blog topic), so the communication is instantaneous. In Kabbalah, certain energy centers (sefirot) have certain characters and functions. The top sefirah is where the seventh chakra (crown chakra), is, and it is called Kether. The archangel for Kether is Metatron. This is no coincidence that the crown chakra is our gateway to manifestation and the Archangel Metatron oversees manifestation.

In the ancient Egyptian culture, there are energy centers with metaphysical as well as physical properties which are congruent to each divinity, and one grows spiritually as one releases the energy one by one from the lowest chakra to the uppermost. Moving up the spiritual path takes effort, time and strict discipline with dedication to moral ideals such as honesty, fairness, etc.

For me it all comes down to our perception of who we are. We are energy. We are divine. We are part of one Infinite Consciousness, which is in everything, and everywhere. These energy centers in our bodies are our little portals to who we are and to oneness. The energy space around our chakras hold vast information about who we are, from our past lives to this life. Nothing disappears, and energy stays in our energy body (call it soul if you like, the eternal energy body which does not die with the physical body’s death).

Once we are aware of our energy body and divinity, the next step is obvious. Getting to know ourselves. Looking at our energy bodies can tell us about who we are, what kind of lessons we are bringing from past lives, what blockages we have, what lessons we haven’t learnt and keep experiencing, what the future looks like for us.

So, for me, aligning a chakra (making it function well), is more than wearing a color of that chakra and repeating the mantra of the chakra in meditation. I am not saying these practices are useless. I think these acts are useful to keep our focus on the intention, which is aligning a certain chakra. Yet, the chakras are energy centers. So, we have to see the energy and work with the energy - intuitively.

If we are having physical elimination problems for example, we can guess we have a root chakra problem. So, we can go deeper there. Do we have any fears, what is it that we have trouble letting go? Are there any survival issues? Do we think we will not have enough tomorrow and thus cling desperately to what we have? Do we question our purpose in life? What is the energetic problem we sense?

To work with chakras, and keep them well balanced (and we now know this is extremely important for healthy body, mind and spirit), we need to tap into our intuition. Intuition is akin to a muscle we all have but never get to work out. We all have intuition. We only need to get better at listening to it by allowing ourselves to tune into it. There are several psychic tools we can learn and start using right away to improve our intuitive abilities.

I will share a tool you can start using right away. A meditation for tapping into your chakras intuitively to work with and align them. We are all intuitive, so we can all do this. All we need to know is how to tap into our intuition. I am creating a guided meditation to help you tune into your chakras and to help you align them. It will be on my YouTube channel within a few days. I will let you know when it is there. I suggest you do grounding before any meditation if you haven’t done grounding previously that day. Doing this meditation regularly, for example once a week, will not only open your chakras to free energy flow, it will make you emotionally and physically healthier. You will begin experiencing countless benefits in your life. Eventually you will feel more balanced, you will see that love and abundance flows more freely into your life, and the challenges you have with relationships and career smooth out. As with everything in life, persistence is a key factor.

If you want to have better intuition (aka sixth sense), see what is in your energy space and also in the energy space of others, you can take my intuitive healing certification class, beginning on June 8. The main benefit you will receive from this class is that you will be more intuitive. You will be better connected to your energy space and your higher self. You do not need to have the ambition of being a healer. But all of us need to be healers of ourselves so that we move on in life with less weight from the junk stored in our energy spaces.

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