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Into the new year...

Most will remember 2020 as a shitty year. Or they won’t even want to remember it at all. With all the pain and suffering on the health, finances, career, relationships, lifestyle of millions around the world, this is quite understandable.

2020 was a 4 year – according to numerology. The number 4 does not come easy often. 4 is a square. In Astrology, it is not a good sign when two planets are in a square. That implies a rough period, possibly fights, challenges, etc. The number 4 in China is the unlucky number as is the 13 in the West.

2021 is a 5 year. It means drastic changes, transformation. It means transition to a new age, to a new life, to a new you. With the energy of the number 5, changes are easily made this year. We all will find that we are able to make the changes in our lives we had been longing for. 2020 stuck us in our homes. 2021 will be an adventure. Nowadays, it won’t seem likely, with the number of Covid 19 cases peaking these days. However, we’ve just started, wait and see.

When I look back at anything, I like to remember the positive aspects of that thing, be it a relationship, a job, an experience, or in this case, a year. Being at home with the whole family, and homeschooling my kids were challenging. Yet, it was also such a precious experience. I am deeply grateful for the extra time I had with the kids at home. As other millions around the globe, I discovered I could do my business online, teaching my courses to people from all over the world. I am no longer restricted by space and I find the idea of having access to the whole world very exciting. I can bring goodness to the lives of people from anywhere.

It is time too look ahead. What we are, we bring to our lives. What we think, we create. What we feel, we attract to us. In each and every moment of our day, we are creating the next moments of our lives. Instead of pondering on what kind of a year 2021 could be, I choose to make this year, of the kind I like. I know what I want from this year. I think about what I want as if I already have it. I feel the gratitude of having that. I feel the joy. And I know, my heart beating with joy, is attracting more joy into my life. I am not sitting and looking for joy anywhere. I am constantly working on it with my thoughts and feelings. I make myself excited about the day as soon as I wake up. I make myself excited about the year, all the time. I feel excited about what is coming into my life. I am already feeling it deep within. With certainty. And, as the ancient saying goes, ‘as within, so without’. Whatever I have created inside, will I have in my life. That is the Law.

I am already excited about the year 2021 I am manifesting. Are you?

P.S. I am giving a 3-day seminar on how to manifest our desires. It is in Turkish, starting January 8. English is about to come. All the info is on the website, on the ‘events’ page.

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