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I Choose the Light

Here is what I jotted down after I was discriminated against at my work because of my place of origin.

For me, the basic premise of all spiritual teachings and religions come down to one thing: We are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. This life we have here is but one train stop in the long journey of the soul back home.

We are not white, or black, we are everything. Our souls have been all races, genders from several ethnic origins. Why take our temporary shell so seriously and focus on separation? The more we focus on it, the more separation we create, the higher walls we build. The walls are not between us and others, it is between us and our true selves.

Seeing ourselves superior just because of our skin color, gender or nationality is no different than considering ourselves superior to others just because we are wearing fancy outfit today. The outfit is just an outfit; it has nothing to do with who we are. It is shallow reasoning. We can always go deep and understand that we are more than our shell.

Some people are born into cultures that raise generations with hatred towards a certain group of people - be it nationality, race, ethnic origin, social position, wealth, education, etc. From they one, children are born into separation. Despise or resentment for a certain group of people forms a great deal of social identity.

I’d like to think that, I could have been a part of that despised group in one of my past lives. Or, I could come as one of them in my next life. My train will probably stop at that station which I despise today, in the next stop. This way of thinking makes all despise and hatred absolutely meaningless.

I, above anything else, want my soul to be led by the purity of my heart, where light is allowed to come in. I choose to lead a heart-centered approach. I will never harbor hatred, resentment or revenge towards any group of people for what I think they did to my ancestors generations ago. History is often shaped by political agenda. I will not be a part of that. I will never teach my children anything about any group of people which could make them harbor such negative feelings towards any people. Never. I will not teach anything to my students which promotes hatred just to please those who want to be validated for toxic cultural identification. I will not be a part of that.

Most of all, my life’s mission is to be a vessel for light. I want my heart, my soul to shine with my pure, loving, wise light. I want to be an open vessel for divine light. This simply means, there is no place in my heart, and so in my life, for dark, revengeful energy. I have free will. I can choose. I choose the light.

I am not judging those who do not choose light. Again, on their path home, perhaps it is a different station where they will choose to do so. It is not my business. There are times I feel sad when I see thousands or even millions of people come together with resentful and hateful feelings carried through generations. I feel sad to see that they let so much pain in. And out. They let so much suffering in. And out. I remind myself, at those times, that this is their journey. There is a perfect reason for where they are now. It is not my business to judge who they are, how they are and where they are. I can only look at myself. See why I am triggered. See where I can heal. See how I can let more light in.

What matters is I can choose. I choose the light.

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