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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I was meditating with the rune Berkana the other day (it looks like an uppercase letter B), and after meditation I jotted down a few notes. For my blog post today, I want to share my notes fresh from a meditative stage. Raw. Unplugged. Nothing more, nothing less.


Be in your power

Be in your heart

Be in your body

Be in your faith

Be in love

Be in pain

Be in your suffering

Be in your light

Be in your darkness

Be where your dreams are

Be still

Be in the ecstasy of life

Be with friends

Be in nature

Be with yourself

Be in acceptance

Be in surrender

Be in curiosity

Be the drop

Be the ocean

Be the seashell

Be the pearl

Be the Sun

Be the Moon

Be humble

Be kind

Be loving

Be magic

Be magical

Be what you love

Be who you are

Be a giver

Be a receiver

Be God

Be the spark

Be above

Be below

Be here

Be now


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