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Timeless Times

Once upon a time.. There was a king, or a princess, on a distant land. There were fairies and magic. There were dragons and heroes. There were enchanted forests. There were wars. There was living happily ever after.

Stories narrate the past. Legends and myths praise the past. Love stories romanticize the past. And we assume we are not of the past. Past is in the past; we are in the present moment. We really do assume that, don’t we? Yet, neither past is in the past all the time by everyone (hint: most often our thoughts, our awareness, our energy is in the past. We are in the past. ) neither past is past (it is here).

Past is not past. What we call our past is engraved in our souls, in our energy body, our true self. Whatever happened to us, whatever we did are all with us. Not only in this life time. Even the past lives. They are with us. It is not only our childhood trauma which haunts us today. Countless traumas from previous lives also influence who we are and what we experience in this life time. Good news, right? Thank goodness, our positive experiences also stay with us. What we have learnt, our wisdom, our capacity to love, our joy. They are all with us. We’ve grown with all.

The people are still with us as well. There are no random coincidences. The people we meet are no coincidences. The more I do past life readings with people, especially with people that I know, the more I witness it. I can see that we all have matching pictures (matching experiences) with the people we meet today. I’ve seen my students finding out that they shared common past life experiences. They are now healing each other’s past and today. Their past is with them; their past is truly not in the past. Their past lives brought them together in this life time for a reason. We are all brought together for a reason. Nothing is random.

The people whom we loved and have passed are not in the past. They are still with us. When you can raise your vibration enough and able to tune into their energies, you will sense their presence. You can communicate with them. So, turn around, and say hello!

When we look at a tree, we see the tree which is the seed, the seedling, the young tree and the mature tree. The tree is not separate from its past. Its past is within its present and its future.

There is no separation. What we call the past is still within us, what we call the present is here as long as we are aware of it. what we call the future is already here. The ultimate destination for our physical body is death. Since we are dying everyday, every moment, we are already experiencing the end of this physical life now. Where is the future?

How does it help us to be aware of the fact that there is no past or future, or present for that matter? To begin with, we can change the past and the future as much as the present. They are all here. I can go and heal my past lives which are not exactly past. I can change what I am thinking, doing and feeling today so that I can change what is coming next.

More importantly, we are liberated! We are free! It is such a relief to cut through the delusion of time. I know I am fooling myself the times I let time frame my life. I’d rather heal my past, present and future. Knowing that there is no separation among them, I have the powers of a superhero. I can do anything, I can manifest anything, because I am in the infiniteness of time – experiencing the infinite potential. I don’t know you the reader, but I know I’d rather be riding in the magical, infinite potentiality than dragging a boring destiny.

P.S. More on infinite potentiality, later

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