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Love or Fear

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Palpable fear is prevalent worldwide it is spreading more than the cause of the fear itself, the virus. Fear is as contagious as many underlying causes of malaise, and for good reason. With this current pandemic, some may experience isolation, compromised health, the loss of work or income, and even others may have their lives threatened. If we allow it, the uncertainty of this situation is a liability to hope.

I understand and empathize with those who fear for their health and for the wellbeing of others. The trepidation of an uncertain future is unnerving at best—no one knows what the future holds.

Ironically, fear makes us weaker. It lowers the immune system, and makes us more vulnerable and less protected by actualizing the actual thing or idea we fear the most. Illness, accidents, or undesirable circumstances can plague those who obsess and fill their minds, hearts and spirits with ‘what if’ scenarios.

Conversely, love offers us certainty. Being in a state of love strengthens and protects us. The immune system is bolstered. Interpersonal dynamics are christened with Joy. A Return to Loveby Marianne Williamson delves into the fear/love dichotomy—it is inspired by A Course in Miracles—it suggests that vigilance in choosing love remains essential to experiencing enduring joy.

Quantum Physics establishes that all matter, including our bodies, is made up of energy. Our state of being also has a vibration. That which we attract is correlated to our energy vibration and state of being, as the ubiquitous Law of Attraction espouses. At the quantum level there are a multitude of energy vibrations and comparatively massive expanses of space between subatomic particles. This means we are more than 99 percent space. We have agency within that space, and what we hold in our space matters. Strong love-infused energy within helps manifest correlated experiences outside of us. As within, so without.

With the above concepts in heart and mind, I have committed to the intention of being in a state of love rather than fear. With my attention focused on love, I expect to bring forth correlated positive experiences. And, encourage and maintain a state of joy.

How can I re-condition myself to switch gears from fear to love?

There are a few direct methods that I will share here. First of all, a mindset tuned to gratitudeis imperative. Practicing gratitude is the most direct path from fear to love. If you have never tried it, a gratitude journal is fantastic. It helps maintain focus on what matters most to us: health, family, shelter/home, the billions of cells harmoniously working in our bodies, clean air and water, community and friendship, inspiring books, great music and so on.

Not a big fan of writing? Nothing prevents us from expressing gratitude by positively affirmingaspects of our daily lives, remembering to truly feel each blessing. Another approach is closing our eyes and feeling gratitude as a force or energy running through our veins and limbs.

What else can we do to embrace love over fear? Bringing our attention outside of ourselves. Thinking of others firstand being of service. This is as simple as putting the phone down, getting up and asking your neighbor if they need anything now. If you feel some resistance, likely you are still in a state of fear: what if I give them something that I may run out of later? Maybe they have stocked up on toilet paper but are running out of lemons and you have lemons but not much toilet paper. Genuinely caring for each other is all we need to remain in a state of love. Social distancing prevents the spread of a virus…and ‘fear distancing’allows love to flourish. Limit time and attention on the negative to create psychic space and call forth the positivity of love.

Fearful feelings are often time-based concerns about the future, or residual traumas from the past. Focusing on the present momentand going within helps us navigate difficult times with more ease. The Power of Nowby Eckhart Tolle and Be Here Nowby Ram Das are impactful exposés on embracing the here and now—I recommend them both for self-study. Right now is a perfect time to go within. What better way than meditation? Setting aside three minutes to breathe slowly and become heart-focused is an excellent start. Remember to download and practice the fantastic life-transforming guided meditation from this website. It will help you release fear and all other feelings or thoughts not serving your highest good, and will replenish you with your infinite and strong life source energy. Do it daily to begin transforming your life from within.

Ultimately fear is not something to be afraid of. We can embrace fear, and move forward with more focus on love. As light shines, darkness fades.

With love and light,

~ As within, so without ~


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